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RoentDek Delayline Detectors
(What delay line detectors can do and what not: READ MORE)

Single Particle/Photon Detectors
(photon counting)

RoentDek Delay Line Detector

Time and Position sensitive Delay Line Detectors (DLD)
  • spatial resolution: better than 45 µm RMS
  • (best result: 17 µm RMS)
  • temporal resolution: better than 100 ps RMS
  • (best result: 21 ps RMS)
  • active diameter: 40mm, 80mm (up to 150 mm)
  • usable count rate ranges from few Hz to several MHz
  • microchannel plates (MCP) included
  • also available as simple timing anode (TOF only: DET40 / DET75)
  • (optionally equipped with phosphor screen)
  • easy to use

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Multi-Hit capable Detectors
("zero dead time" -HEXanode)

RoentDek Hex Delay Line Detector

Patented 3-layer design for zero dead time

Convenient Bolt-On Systems
(e.g. for industrial applications

RoentDek Hex Delay Line Detector

Easy to use systems:
  • readout anode placed outside of the vacuum
  • ideally suited also for strong magnetic fields
  • high MCP voltages up to 20 KV are possible

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Detecting Photons
(e.g. from wide-field microscope, FLIMS)

Photo Multiplier Tube for use with external RoentDek Delayline Anode

Time and Position sensitive photo-multiplier tubes
  • for single photon counting (TCSPC) with position detection
  • compact sealed case
  • no need for vacuum chamber
  • external delayline anode for readout
possible applications:
  • fluorescence microscopy (FLIMS)
  • secondary photon showers from a scintillator
  • wide field imaging

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