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RoentDek's major development is a position and time sensitive Microchannel-plate (MCP) detector system with delay-line read-out anodes for advanced particle and photon counting.  Please find details below:
  • Time and Position sensitive Delay Line Detectors (DLD) with microchannel plates (MCP) for advanced research problems, e.g. momentum spectrometry:

  • These single particle/photon counting detectors determine the spatial position of particles (electrons, ions,...) with sub-millimeter precision on a detection plane with up to 150 mm diameter. Determination of the impact time with sub-nanosecond precision allows to correlate several detected particles (in coincidence) and to deduce physical parameters (e.g. kinetic energy) from time-of-flight and spatial position. The usable count rate ranges from few Hz to over one MHz, depending on the spatial and temporal distribution of the irradiation. Special versions for multiple-hit detection (Hexanode) and for particle detection in magnetic field environments (RS-DET) exist.
  • Multi-fragment imaging systems (the COLTRIMS reaction microscope):

  • A specific application of our MCP-Delay-line Detectors is the so-called COLTRIMS technique for measuring particle momenta after an ionization event. The momenta of outgoing electrons and ions can be determined in coincidence with high solid angle, along with the charge state and mass of the ionic fragments. A typical COLTRIMS assembly consists of a dual time-of flight spectrometer with MCP Delay-line detectors at both ends, built around a supersonic gas jet target. RoentDek can provide all components of such a system and also complete customer-specific solutions. Click here to READ MORE
  • Time and Position sensitive photo-multiplier tubes for single photon counting, wide field imaging or TCSPC:

  • Open-face MCP detectors like our MCP delay-line detectors can also detect VUV and X-ray photons, Coatings on the MCP may increase quantum efficiency and can be supplied on demand. A patented image charge readout technique for MCP photo-multiplier expand the applicability of our position and time sensitive delay-line technique to the near UV and visible wavelength regime. Applications are found in fluorescence microscopy  and in the detection of secondary photon showers from energetic particles passing through a scintillator Click here to READ MORE
  • Readout electronics for the highest count rates, e. g. Fast Amplifier, Time-to-Ditigal Converter (TDC), Constant Fraction Discriminator (CFD).

  • Data acquisition and analysis software.

  • Fast electronics modules for analog and digital signals.

    About us

    RoentDek was founded in 1990 by a team of scientists from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Our activities are focused on the development of time and position sensitive Delay Line Detectors for the imaging of particles and photons emitted in advanced research and technology applications. We have developed unsurpassed expertise in this area which has allowed our products to make decisive impact on the leading edge of research.

    Several devices have reached the stage of production and are in use at institutions all over the world. Our efficient service and state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices guarantees satisfied customers.

    We will be pleased to offer a solution for your specific tasks.

      Many of our Delayline Detector systems are in use by scientists at major research institutions worldwide - click here to see a list with some of them