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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for goods export


Quotations for goods issued by RoentDek are only valid under the following conditions:

  1. Purchases related to quotations issued in Euro currency must be paid in Euros.

    Purchase order forms referring to such a Euro quotation but quoting prices converted to any other currency due to internal budgetary regulations at your institution can only be acknowledged if a written confirmation is amended declaring that the payment amount for the goods will be in Euros exactly as on the quotation (less bank service charges in Germany for transactions in Euro currency).

  2. By placing an order you agree to fill out, sign and return an entry certificate (see below) only if specially requested so by RoentDek GmbH for proving the export for goods to the German Tax Authority. A-pre-filled entry certificate will be send to you in this case and all remaining fields surrounded in red must be filled out accurately.

    The current enforcement regulations of the German Tax Law request the receipt of an entry certificate

    • In case of personal handover of goods when no VAT is added to the payable invoice amount.
    • for shipments to countries outside the European Community when the invoice amount is below 1000€ and/or no official export declaration through German Customs authority was obtained.

    If none of the above is valid for your current order you will not receive a request for returning an entry certificate. Note that the enforcement regulations may change in the future.

  3. Export License: The fADC unit may be subject to an Export License issued by the German export control agency. On receipt of an official order an End User Undertaking may be requested. Delivery of the fADC unit is under condition that the export license will be granted and may be delayed beyond the expected delivery date.  

    Other products may also be subject to export control. This would then be stated on Invoice and Packing List and will require adequate measures in case of re-export. RoentDek will only state export control needs imposed by general EU rules and specific regulations from German law.


Forms for customs / tax

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